Thank you for your positive feedback!

It’s been a very unusual last couple of months – the Liric team have learned so many new things – who knew what the word Furlough meant at the beginning of March ??

We have been constantly keeping you up to date with Government announcements, providing guidance on the implications for you and your business,  directing you to support that may be available for your business through emails, Facebook and WhatsApp, online meetings and a dedicated client resource website .  We will continue to do this and work with you to help you through to the other side. 

What’s been great for us is the positive feedback we have been receiving. It really helps us to know our advice is valued – we know that not all accountants have been providing as much support so if you know another business who you think would benefit from Liric services please do refer them to us.  Here is a snapshot of your comments:

Many thanks for this. Yes, it’s really helpful. Thanks for all information coming your way currently. You are doing a great job at keeping your clients up to date. 

Thank- you so much Lisa for this VERY useful info! This is for me….

Well done for getting this Info out so quickly.

You are quick! Rishi Sunak has only just stopped talking!!

Thank you, Lisa. This is all very reassuring.

You are doing an amazing job, Lisa, all my thanks to you again.

Many thanks for all the info you have been sending out, it is very helpful.

Hope you are ok, thank you so much for you and Lisa’s support – it is outstanding and very very much appreciated.  We are so lucky to have you.

What a relief, thanks for letting us know. We have been receiving your emails but it’s worrying times and just nice to know we are included in the government plans. 

Keep up the good work, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Hi Liric team -Thanks for all the info lately!

Really appreciate all you’re doing.

Let me congratulate and thank you for your efforts, help, support and communication during this unusual period. Amazing response from your side.

As businesses are starting to get back to work, please remember to  stay safe. Do what you can, with what you have. Control what’s in your control. Help as many people as you can through this period with any spare resources you have, whether that’s time, money or love. This will not last forever and we will get through this… together… and be stronger at the other side.