Extracting profits – tax-efficiently

When it comes to extracting profit from your company, it is important to consider both the tax and business implications of the various options available. Taking a salary or bonus rather than a divided could reduce the national insurance bill. While a dividend is paid free of national insurance contributions (NICs), a salary or bonus can carry up to 25.8% in combined employer and employee contributions. However, a salary or bonus is usually tax deductible to the company. The last date for paying a 2014/15 dividend is 5 April 2015. Any related higher or additional rate tax on the dividend may not be due until 31 January 2016. However you may have already paid some of the tax through the payments on account system. The rules can be complex – please talk to us about the implications of paying a dividend. Timing may also be an important consideration – it may be helpful to delay the timing of bonuses and dividends if taxable income is likely to exceed £100,000 or £150,000, especially if income in 2015/16 will be less. Other tax-efficient ways of extracting profit may include: using tax-free allowances, such as mileage payments, or reducing profits by the payment of employer pension contributions. However, each option requires careful consideration, so please contact us for further assistance.