Ashwell Business Club Seminar – How To Get The Best Out Of LinkedIn

LIRIC were able to use their new meeting room to host a presentation on behalf of Ashwell Business Club about LinkedIn and how it works.
You’ve seen the logo on our email footers but do you know how to get the most out of LinkedIn?

Hosted by Steve Windsor from Netlinked, we learned how effective use of LinkedIn can be used to generate business leads as well as increase traffic to your website.  Networking from your desk, saves you time and money  and enables you to connect to literally thousands of others, at a time to suit you – that’s got to be the way to go.

It also has the power to allow you to carry out targeted searches – ie “list all architects within a 20 mile radius” – so you can have a targeted marketing campaign – and because the people you are contracting are already on LinkedIn they are more likely to welcome contact from you.  The use of groups and discussions can also be useful.  Steve said “you don’t know who you don’t know”

LIRIC will be looking at putting on similar seminars for our clients in the future – if there is a particular topic that you think would be of interest then please let LIRIC know. You can find Liric on LinkedIn here.

Xero Certified Advisor

Liric Obtain Xero Certification

LIRIC’S  Natalie  Allen has successfully completed training on Xero and so we are now an accredited Xero  adviser.  Xero is a cloud based book-keeping solution which we are successfully rolling out to clients who want to move away from the more traditional PC based programs.  Being a Cloud program it means that your data can be accessed from any PC and LIRIC  can view it without the need to keep transferring backups.  Other benefits include:-

  • Easy to format and personalise your sales invoices so that they will look really professional and can be seamlessly emailed to your customers
  • Quotes can be instantly produced in front of customers and then converted to a sales invoice.
  • Options for customers to then click on the invoice and “pay now” using PayPal or similar.
  • Automated reminders to customers who have overdue invoices
  • Bank data feeds meaning you do not have to spend time inputting all the bank transactions – these are automatically matched to the relevant customers and suppliers invoices

All this leaves you with more time to look at the actual results, see your profit for the year to date in real time and help you plan for the future.

If you are interested In a free 30 day trial then contact LIRIC and we’ll send you the link.

New Intestacy Rules If You Don’t Make A Will

Many people die intestate (That means without making a legal will) because they think their estate will automatically pass to their spouse free of Inheritance Tax (IHT). This is not necessarily correct. Moreover, having a Will in place makes it easier to get a grant of probate and avoids the Statutory Intestacy Rules governing how the estate is distributed.

From 1 October 2014, if an individual is survived by a spouse or civil partner (but no children or more distant relative), the entire estate will go to the surviving spouse or civil partner. Previously, the spouse would only have received the first £450,000 (and half of the excess over £450,000); the other half of the excess would have passed to parents or siblings.

If the deceased individual is survived by a spouse/civil partner as well as children or a more distant relative or relatives, the surviving spouse or civil partner will only receive the first £250,000 (and half of the excess over £250,000). The children will receive the other half of the excess equally between them. Having a Will is thus important for IHT planning, as only the first £325,000 is exempt unless the assets pass to the spouse. Making a Will is also important when couples divorce and there are former partners and children of previous marriages involved.


Ben is in the pink

Supporting the Movember Charity appeal – LIRIC staff member Ben Burtenshaw is sporting a rather fetching pink moustache this month –  which helps to promote men’s health.  If you feel his moustache is worthy of a donation, please visit his JustGiving page!