Santa’s Sizeable Sleigh

When Santa Claus does his Christmas Night travels, folklore suggests that he stops the world clock for 2 minutes while he delivers all the parcels and presents to children around the world.  This cannot be true.  It is reported that there are  2.3 billion children around the globe.

Science tells us that the volume of presents to a child is on average at Christmas is 2.3 cubic foot.  Given that volume and the number of children it makes Santa’s sleigh 245m long, 167m wide and 40m deep.  Allowing a reindeer of some stature can pull a load of 1/3 of a ton that would mean that not 8 reindeer pull the sleigh, but 1,260.  –  This actually means that the world is stopped not for 20 secs but 364 years!  I really should get out more!